Day 3 (Monday) Heather Farley

Heather Farley

Day 3 (Monday)

Today, we volunteered at an orphanage. We helped by folding, sorting, and putting away clothes, books, etc. Some of us also did yard work that consisted of raking and blowing leaves. It was shocking to see how much clothes and things that had been donated to the orphanage. They have several rooms dedicated to the things for the children, but there were still bags and bags of stuff that we weren’t able to fit on the shelves.

A rewarding thing that happened today was probably getting to know some of the people from our group better. Working together and talking to each other has been a really fun experience. I hope we all only get closer and take new friendships away from our trip. Another rewarding thing was looking at the bags of leaves after we had finished the yard work; there were over 10. I was also glad we could help the orphanage sort through so many things fairly quick because there were so many of us. We probably saved them at least 2 days of work.

A frustrating thing was getting bitten by ants. It happened outside while we were picking up leaves to put them in bags. I probably have 9 places on my arms where they bit me. Another frustrating thing that happened during service was having to guess on the sizes of clothes. Some of them didn’t have a tag on them so we had to use our own judgment on where to put them. Hopefully we were able to estimate the sizes right so they can be easily found for the kids in need.

A couple of us went back to the mall for a little bit after dinner. There were still men selling sugar babies. We found out that just one of them costs $600, but they’re really cute. If you sit them down they won’t even run away. The man sat it down and told it to come on, and it just climbed up and jumped in his pocket. They’re adorable and really cool. I held one of them.


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