Katherine 12-3-12

We went to Lowcountry Orphan Relief, inc. (LOR) today, they are a non-profit organization that provides goods and services to children who have been abuse or neglected. It has been a long day for me since I was not feeling good, my head was killing me the whole time when I was there, and I had a terrible body ache =(. Although I was not in my best condition, it was certainly one of the most valuable days of my life since I was able to work directly toward children.  We all worked together first sorting donations into different age category, then I was told to fill an order for a 10 years old girl.

I was of course super excited! I picked out couple outfits from the summer youth and couple outfits from the winter youth section. I realized how hard it is to pick out different outfits for a little girl that I have never meet, since I do not know if she is a girly girl or not.  I finally picked out a dress, some comfortable outfits, two uniforms, two pairs of shoes, toiletries, some school supplies, two kid’s book and a stuff animal for her.  I think she will be very excited to get all the things that I picked out for her, and hopefully she will be going to a stable home soon.

We then all divided into different groups to organize their closet.  It was quite overwhelming at first.  They have over hundreds and hundreds of outfits for different age group, from new born to adult. We took them all out of the closet, refolded them, and put them neatly back on the shelf. It was not as easy as it sounds at all! I was telling Kathy (Our trip leader) that I was able to realize how much I do not want to work at a clothing store because I have seen enough clothes for the past few days working with different organization.  I also found out an interesting fact about our other trip leader-Sharde-she is very “OCD”. She was reorganizing the little girls’ clothes and the shelf looks like the ones that you would see at a department store at the mall.  She told us that she used to work at American eagle, so maybe that is why she can do such a good job at putting clothes in a tidy way.  If I can do the same thing, my mother might not always describe my closet as my “personal clothes’ dumpster”.

We were finished around 4:15pm and the staff at LOR was very pleased with what we have done.  She thanks us and told us that we did a great job.  We did not do much compared to them, but it is the thought that count.  Concord University will always be part of those kid’s lives after they received the orders that we filled, even though they would not remember us, or even know what we were there, but we did make a difference in the world today, and I am glad that we did.


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