Ashley Carver 3/13/12

Today we went to the LowCountry Food Bank and it didn’t take as long as we thought it would. While at the food bank, we organized boxes of stuff that was donated to the organization. I must admit that the food bank was not what I thought it would be. I thought the food bank would be more like a soup kitchen and from my understanding I was not the only one who was mistaken; instead, the food bank was more of a very large warehouse that distributed the food to other organizations so that those organizations could distributed to the families in need. I must say that I did not feel much emotion about the work we did today, I suppose it was because it was in such an industrial kind of work place in comparison to the house like businesses we have been working in the rest of the time we have been here. Although I really didn’t mind the work because it was not very hard, I had to bend over into very large boxes to grab the items we were categorizing. After organizing the items, we started sorting through medicine and throwing away all of the expired medicine. I had a slight sense of guilt because I am sure that the majority of the medicine was probably still good. Amber said she felt very wasteful and I really had to agree.Tomorrow is our free day, and I really can’t believe we go home the next day. This trip has gone by so very fast. I feel like we have not been here but for a few days and I suppose in all reality we have only been here for right at 4 whole days. As much fun as this has been I am pretty excited to go home, be around my family and sleep in my own bed.


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