Ashley W.

Entering a food bank, I didn’t expect to be separating hygiene goods and medication. I pictured a huge building of canned goods and bags of cereal, I pictured us boxing meals for families in need and the homeless. Well it turns out what I pictured wasn’t at all what went on. However it comes down to this the Lowcountry’s first priority is to feed those in need, so here are all of the workers busy dealing with food the majority of time, and feeding someone should come first. So therefore our little bit of help went a long way, we took that extra stress off of them. We sorted through huge boxes of body wash, make-up, skin care, and toothpaste for a few good hours.
I learned a program built off of donations and funds sometimes can’t afford to employee a full house, therefore volunteers are of more than helpful. We were part of the 27,000 hours on average donated per year saving 15-20 jobs. What our group did today was appreciated so much they were very sure to let us know and that alone made me feel great! Every simple move made today was a step further to helping someone in need. The unselfishness that fills these type of places just amazes me. People like our group and myself amaze me, to take and give your time and energy to those in need it’s something to pride yourself in.
I never had much respect for the company Wal-Mart until today. I always thought of them as a huge company wanting to run smaller businesses off and control consumers all around. I always seen them to treat their employees horrible and pay very little with not so good benefits. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all after hearing the numbers they donate to the Lowcountry food bank I gasped, the building which was beautiful so nice and clean, Wal-Mart’s funds helped to create. It is amazing how such little things as much as donating a dollar here and there can build up to such huge helpful things.
We over look some of the smallest things everyday and I have mentioned this before but, it is funny to think of how many things we take for granted. Me typing this right now I have the opportunity to enroll in college to be studying something I truly love and to purchase a laptop to type my essays and reports. I take that for granted so often. I have gained so much from this trip. Educationally, spiritually, and I have gained a few friends along the way.


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