Danielle Knight 3/13/2012

“1 in 4 children go hungry in the Lowcounty.” That was one of the signs that were hanging up in the window at the Lowcounty Food Bank. They collect, inspect, maintain, and distribute food products that would otherwise be thrown out to a grassroots network of over 320 member agencies providing hunger-relief services throughout the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina. When we arrived I thought we would be working with food so I was kind of taken back when we started sorting boxes and boxes of lotions, hair products, mouthwash, skin cleansers, and let’s not forget the anti-aging crème that jut seemed to be multiplying. I guess we were doing them a favor to save them some time but I didn’t really feel like I was making a difference. While sorting we found that many of the donations such as lotions had busted and they made quite a mess, although after we were done my hands were softer. After sorting a bunch of random items and taking a break for lunch we moved on to sort the medicine. We threw out what was expired and packed the good medicine in boxes. We all worked really well as a team and we were done with this task fairly quickly. After finishing with the medicine we taped up a few boxes of Christmas and Halloween decorations. What they were for, I have no clue but we taped them up anyway! Although I didn’t feel like I was doing a bunch for the organization I’m glad we could save them some time by organizing and over-all it was a good experience. At the end of our time there we said our goodbyes, took some pictures in front of an amazing mural I might add and headed back to the hotel. Finally our work week had ended. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this trip and make a difference in the community of Lowcounty.


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