Today we went to the Lowcountry Food Bank.  This is a place where individuals, many businesses, and the government donate things for people in need.  They have food, medicine, and toiletries to give out.  They give these things to other organizations to give to people in need. They try to help people who don’t actually qualify for welfare or something like that but still need some assistance. We had to sort personal care items and check the expiration dates of medicine today.  There was a lot of stuff to go through but it seemed like we got it done pretty fast.

There was a lot of stuff to do today and when we first got to the food bank the woman who is in charge of volunteers started to tell us some information about the organization.  She said that they get a huge amount of donations each year and if it wasn’t for volunteers there would be no way they would be able to run.  They would have to hire so many extra people that they wouldn’t have the funds to work.  It felt really good to be able to do something simple but still make such a difference.

The most frustrating thing about today was definitely that everyone in my room was late this morning.  We were supposed to meet at the van this morning at 8:30  so we sat the alarm clock in our room for 7:30.  Kaylyn and Heather were planning on getting up right when the alarm went off and then they were going to wake me up at 8:00.  At 8:32 Kaylyn woke up and said that we hadn’t gotten up and it was time for us to be downstairs. We had to rush around the room and try to get ready fast.  We all felt really bad that everyone had to wait on us.  We were still early to the work site so that made it a little better.

After we finished our work for the day, we went shopping.  I had a good time with some people that I’ve gotten to know throughout this trip and bought a few new things.  I’ve had a really good time this week and I’m kind of sad that it’s almost over.  It’s been great getting to know people that I’ve never even seen before.  I hope we can all stay in touch once this trip is over.


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