Heather Farley (Day 4)

Heather Farley

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Today, we volunteered our time at the Lowcounty Food Bank. They accept donations from people and businesses, sort it, and the goods are given to people in need. Before anything is sent out to people they make sure it’s safe and acceptable for use if necessary. We sorted through face wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, etc. and put them in their designated bin. This was our job for the morning, and after lunch we sorted through medicine and made sure it wasn’t expired.

A frustrating thing happened at the very start of the morning. My roommates and I ended up being 10 minutes late to the van. We aren’t sure if our alarm clock didn’t go off, or if it went off and we just didn’t hear it. One of us happened to wake up 2 minutes after we were already supposed to be at the van. Rushing around doesn’t make for a good morning, but thankfully, the group was nice enough to not leave us. Another frustrating thing was lotion bottles being busted open at the food bank, and picking it up without knowing.

A rewarding experience was helping to organize so many things, knowing that they would have to hire people if it wasn’t for volunteers. The food bank wouldn’t be able to keep helping people if they had to hire staff to do every single job. So I’m glad they have so many volunteers.

After dinner, a couple of us were able to lay in the tanning bed at a salon/spa. The place was so much nicer than the ones we have back home. The people were very friendly, and they even cleaned the beds for you. Although it was a little bit more for one session, I feel like the cleanliness and professionalism of the people made it worth it. The outlet mall was also fun. I liked how you had to walk outside to get to each store; even though it was raining some of the evening.


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