Hiromi Kowata 3/13/12

Working slash working out is what I feel we did today. Though, things we did were not what I thought or heard from anyone who had volunteer experience at other food bank – actually dealing with food supplies– , it was another new experience for me. We sorted out medical supplies donated from stores. It was a very simple task as described. While working, what I felt was “teamwork”. We moved around wherever we needed to be and worked quite efficiently, which gave us a reward – the longest free evening time among the past four volunteer work days.
On our way back to the motel, some of us in our van had a conversation regarding homeless people. One of our members told us her story that she gave a cup of starbucks coffee every day when she walks by the place where a homeless man always shows up. I felt how thoughtful she is and liked her thought as well as action that told me she does not look at or judge a person by his/her appearance. If I were her, I would not have approached the homeless man, talked to and given him a cup of coffee. It is because that anytime I see homeless people they are at places where nobody else is around. It makes me feel frightened, which automatically makes me feel that they might terrify me. However, one of our members’ story gave me a fresh insights towards homeless people. I feel the day will be coming soon that I will react to those people differently.


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