Katherine 3-13-12

Today is our last day doing volunteer work in South Carolina. We went to the Lowcountry Food Bank.  They collect, inspect, maintain, and distribute otherwise wasted food products from manufacturers, food distributors, the government, supermarkets, wholesalers along with farmers to redistribute these food products.  Before we were there, I thought we would be doing things that related to foods. Surprisingly, we sorted hair products, facial cleansers, medicines, toothbrush, toothpastes, make-ups and some other random things we found from the donation box from CVS.

It was the first time that we were not divided into groups, but working all together.  We had different chores though, some of us got the supplies out of the boxes that were filled with random things, brought it to the “sorting table” and some people separated them into different boxes.  It was a lot of fun, because it was like shopping at the mall and putting things into different carts.  Time went by very fast and it was already lunch time, so we went to lunch.

After eating, we came back to our “work”, since we finished what we were doing earlier, we got to sort out the medicine and check the expiration day on every single one of them. I felt very bad whenever I had to throw away a lot of them, because most of them were not even open in the first place.  I did not ask the staff what they were going to do with it, but hopefully they can find a way to reduce the waste as much as they can.  One of our teammates found it funny that we came to a food bank and we touch everything but food, but I am sure that if we would not have came, those workers that were suppose to work on sorting out the food would have had to do it, so we helped the community by saving their time.

It is wonderful to see people that work there have such a good attitude and like what they do. Without them, a lot of people would have to be hungry.  The lady that first greeted us told us that 54% of their clients were faced with a problem of either paying their electricity bills or buying food every month, and a lot of children were not feed from Friday’s lunch until Monday’s breakfast. The Lowcountry Food Bank‘s staff were very appreciate about the fact that we came in and helped. They also told us that their biggest donator is Wal-Mart, Inc and they have received countless numbers of food and grants from it.  I was very pleased when I heard that Wal-Mart does such good things to give their profit back to community instead of only caring about their shareholder. It has been a pleasure to work at the Lowcountry Food Bank and hopefully I will have a chance again next year!


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