Kaylyn Jennings, Day 4 (Tuesday)

We went to the Lowcounty Food Bank and they told us that they get food from people, organizations, and sometimes the government. They help people that need it, they often give food and other personal items to people that need it. Sometimes they give book bags full of food for children who often don’t get fed during the weekends. They also help to feed children by feeding them afterschool so that they get some kind of dinner for the night. They also send food to other organizations to provide food to the people who need it.

An awarding experience I had was again working with everyone as a group. I got to know everyone even better since we worked together to sort through boxes. The first few days people didn’t really talk to anyone else but as our trip comes to an end we’ve all gotten closer and started talking to each other more. Another rewarding thing is that we were able to help out the food bank by sorting through a lot of boxes. By sorting through these boxes we saved them money that they’d have to pay employees to do. I feel like I’ve really helped out the organization by us working together to organize all those personal things. A lot of those kids don’t get food on a daily basis or personal products that they might need, and organizations like this help to provide people who need these things with these products. They’re unfortunate to struggle in life when I feel like I’m struggling just because I’m trying to limit how much money I use; these people don’t have the money to even worry about buying extra things like I do. I feel like I now take things for granted compared to the people who are barely getting by every day. Without these donations that they receive, they might not be able to own a place to live. I feel blessed that my mother provides us with dinner every night, and we have leftovers after dinner that we eat the next day, when a lot of people don’t even get dinner every night.

A frustrating experience I had was when we were all sorting through the boxes, there’d be a busted lotion bottle, and the lotion would be all over the box and all the other products. That’d lotion would get all over our hands and be completely nasty. I felt like I had to wash my hands at least 5 times before they felt clean again. It was also frustrating when there’d be boxes that were open and things would fall out and you’d have to find them in the bottom of the box where all the personal items were.

Another experience I had was when we went to the Tanger Outlet I went shopping with a new friend. We didn’t really talk too much at first, but we really started talking to each other when we went shopping and she helped me pick out a complete outfit (I’m a very picky shopper). It was great to make a new friend today and I feel like this trip has helped me to make new friends and to learn to work together with people we don’t know.


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