Lauren Stevens

Today on our last service day of the Alternative Spring Break trip, we served at the Lowcountry Food Bank. Just by the name of the organization, we all automatically assumed that we were going to be sorting food and filling orders to be sent out to families in need. This was not the case though. We spent our morning and afternoon sorting these huge boxes of soaps, hair supplies, and the surplus of anti-aging cream followed by inspecting all of the medicine to be sure they were not past the expiration date. At the beginning it was a bit frustrating because there were four of us sent back to the hotel to change because we were not wearing “appropriate close-toed shoes” even though my shoes were in fact close toed just not tennis shoes so they were deemed unacceptable. Then when we returned with new shoes, all of the others had already started and had their own system and knew exactly what they were doing. I felt sort of lost so one of our leaders and I jumped in on the other side and took things that matched and sat them on the table to be put into their coordinating boxes. Once I realized what it was that I needed to do, I felt more comfortable. Also we were told more about the center and what it is they do, which is to package their donated products and take them to their distributors that get them to the people in need. To have it put fully into perspective of just how much food they go through, we were told that all of the shelves were filled with the packages of food and since only last week it has gone from being full to being more than halfway empty. Seeing this and realizing just how much it takes to keep this organization on top of things and to keep the food in the hungry families homes was just hard to comprehend. There was just so much in this building that would only sustain the families for such a short period of time but it’s these basic necessities that so many take for granted because they have never had a day where they just had to go hungry because they didn’t have the money for food. At the end of the day it felt great to be able to help this organization as much as we were able since they do so much for their community.


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