Morgan 3/13/12

Today, our group went to work at a food bank. I personally did not know what a food bank was before this trip. A food bank is basically like a store that agencies can go to and retrieve necessities for those in need. At this food bank, we sorted out personals and medications. It was exactly like what I used to do at my old job at Roses Department store because there, along with being a cashier, I was in charge of personals and medications. While I understand the need for food and medications, I didn’t understand some of the things in the boxes. There seemed to be plenty of anti-aging products and to me, I didn’t understand why those would be the most prominent products donated to the needy.
As a child, my family used to require wellfare. So to hear about the programs the company did, I understood what it felt like to be needy because I had been on programs like that. I enjoyed working in the food bank because I understand the families who require their assistance. Asking for help isn’t always the easiest task. But those who need help from the food bank are in a great need. Helping them was very rewarding because I felt like I knew their struggle. The most frustrating part of the trip was realizing that people don’t donate as often as they should. The shelves were almost empty of food because they had just sent out an order. It was also frustrating to see that not only are they not donating often, sometimes it isn’t really what families need. Donations of food and clothes and medicines should be placed at the top of the list of priorities. I do, also, understand that perhaps some families don’t have these items in enough excess to donate. I just wish those who did would give to the ones who don’t even have enough for themselves.


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