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ASB Room Requesting

ASB Participants:

Check your e-mail for a current list of ASB participants, then if you have any room requests, you can e-mail them to Remember, there will be four people in each room.


Navigating Charleston via the CARTA bus system

As you prepare for the spring break trip, you are going to find it useful to familiarize yourself with the CARTA bus system as an option for extremely inexpensive travel on your free time.

Our motel, a La Quinta Inn, is located near several CARTA bus stops on Routes 10 & 12. Route 10 can take you all the way downtown, and either route can get you to transfer stations to access all that Charleston has to offer, including the beach at Isle of Palms.

In addition, all CARTA trolleys downtown are FREE.

We believe these are the closest bus stops to our motel (2499 La Quinta Ln, Charleston, SC 29420):
When looking at times, Northwoods Mall is the closest time listed for your stops. Depending on which direction you’re heading, it will be a few minutes before or after the times listed for Northwoods Mall.

For Route 10: Rivers Ave. & Ashley Phosphate Rd.
For Route 12: Waffle House across from motel

We believe this is the way to get to the beach via CARTA:
Board bus 10 and ride to Visitor’s Center downtown, transfer to bus 40, take bus 40 to Towne Centre (towards Mt. Pleasant) and transfer to bus 402 to the Isle of Palms beaches. Don’t be afraid to ask for help/  (Watch times–route 402 ends early, but remember taking a bus and then catching a taxi is also a cheaper option than taxi all the way, so consider taking taxis to the closest bus stops still operating.)

Take a look at the system, including pricing details, times, and policies.  The main CARTA website is:

Here are direct links to some important pages

Pricing (Including Easier-to-Use 1 Day & 3 day Passes that you can order online in advance of the trip.)
Route Schedules for 10 | 12
The route that goes to Isle of Palms beach areas (please note there may be an upcharge for this “flex route,” even with day passes.)
System Map
Rules of Riding/Code of Conduct


Primary Contact Person Change

From the desk of Jesse Call

Dear ASB Trip Participants:

It has been a pleasure to get to meet with all of you and to get all the preliminary matters set up for your exciting trip this spring break to serve those in need in the Charleston, South Carolina area. It looks like is going to be an amazing trip. As some of you already knew, I will not be joining you on the trip as Sunday, February 12 is my last day working for the Bonner House at Concord University and I now must focus my energy on passing the bar exam.

Starting Monday, February 13, your main contacts for all ASB-related matters will be Sharde Hardy and Kathy Ball at the Bonner House. The contact information remains the same: or 304-384-6009, but please be on the lookout for future messages to come from them. They will also be your trip leaders and join you in service.

I really enjoyed all the previous ASB trips we have coordinated or sponsored, and I think this has the potential to be be even better. Thanks for taking part in it.

In Concord Spirit,
Jesse Call

Tentative ASB Schedule

Please click the link  below  to read the tentative schedule for the Alternative Spring Break Trip 2012. Please arrive at the Bonner House at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, March 9. (Excuse forms will be provided if you have class after 11:30 p.m.) We will leave at noon. We will leave Charleston at 8 a.m. on Thursday, March 15 and should arrive back on campus by 5 p.m.

Alternative Spring Break Mandatory Meetings Scheduled

All students scheduled to participate on the Alternative Spring Break 2012 trip must attend ONE of these meetings before the trip. All meetings will be held at the Bonner House on the Athens campus.  Meetings may take up to one hour.

Friday, February 24 at 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 1 3:00 p.m. 

Please remember that when you signed up, you agreed to make yourself available for one of these meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Sharde or Kathy at 304-384-6009 or

Travel Insurance Info

Need to purchase travel insurance for the trip? We don’t endorse any particular companies, but this one has a nice, easy form online. Just click on “Get a Quote.” Then, please just make sure to put your trip cost as $0 and then click for the medical expense upgrade and then choose $50,000 from the drop-down box. (That part’s important). Then, it will calculate your price and you can buy with a credit or debit card!  (If you use another company, please just make sure it includes primary health coverage of at least $50,000, preferably with no deductible.)

If you have health insurance, you can always buy travel insurance too to cover your personal property, baggage, and anything your health insurance doesn’t cover.

ASB Course Syllabus Released

The course syllabus for “Civic Engagement,” the academic credit you can receive for participating on this trip in POSC, PSY, or SOWK, has now been posted. Be sure to check it out and enroll in the course!

2012 Alternative Spring Break Syllabus

Attention ASB Signer-Uppers!

ASB Signer-Uppers: Don’t forget after you do the initial sign up to also complete the second, longer form by 4 p.m. today:

Sign-Up Link

Please follow the instructions e-mailed to you. This is the link to the initial sign up form. Please complete this at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Feb. 7. Then complete the second form by 4 p.m. that same day and wait for notification.

Please note if you visit this link early, it will display a “Oops, something went wrong.” notice. It will go live at 7:30 a.m. Hit refresh until it comes up then.


Did you miss all scheduled interest meetings? Well, never fear, we scheduled one last one for you. However, this one will be the very last! Attendance at an interest meeting is a prerequisite to signing up for the trip.

Monday, February 6

6:00 PM

State Room, Beasley Student Center

Conflicts or questions? Call 304-3884-6009 or e-mail

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